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Wretched hive of scum and villany
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(how did you find me? When did you find me?)
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I am Gonzo. This is part of me that i feel a need to express. choose what you like and take it home with you, I share with all.

Work: Solaris admin for medium sized company, with some netorking and win2k work as well. Ex-consultant, used to do Unix, SAN, backup work. Now I just do the good part, Unix sysadmin. I'm root@[majorcompany].com. (not like it's hard to figure out which one though.)

Hobbys: computer gaming, movies, bbs, other sedentary tasks.

Bio: Grew up in Springfield, IL, went to school all over, studied physics but went into computers, go figure. Currently living in my house in Villa Park, IL with my beautiful wife, jasper17.

To prevent the 'text only' personae, i'm 6'5, 250 lbs, light brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, goatee, goofy expression, geek. You know that kid everyone used to pick on? That's me, but I've gained 100 pounds from the stick I used to be.

Questions about the journal I get frequently:

  • The @ symbol on the friends page is for those without pictures, the user icon gets annoying in lynx (text only).
  • I write this for me, if you don't like it, go else where.
  • I allow anonymous posting, but only as screened posts as mostly it's abused by people who just want to annoy me.
  • I update at odd hours, sometimes at work, sometimes at night.
  • `8r) is the Gonzo smiley, look at it sideways.

And yes, i'm a geek. Most of the people on my friends list are actually my real friends. If you've been added out of the blue, it's rare.

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